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2022 Toyota Aqua: Review, Specs, and Price

All New Toyota Aqua 2022 Hybrid Release

2022 Toyota Aqua: Review, Specs, and Price

2022 Toyota Aqua – Toyota has re-launched the All-New 2022 Toyota Aqua model or New 2023 Toyota Prius C, which is a hatchback similar to the Yaris that offers an attractive design and prioritizes fuel consumption efficiency so that it can go up to 35.8 km per liter.

The Toyota Aqua 2022 was first launched in Japan at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. This car is produced at Toyota Motor East Japan Inc’s Iwate factory facility. Since its launch, the New Toyota Aqua 2022 is a hybrid car that is in demand with sales of more than 1.87 million units.

2022 Toyota Aqua Concept
2022 Toyota Aqua Concept

It seems that there are still many who don’t know when they hear the name Toyota Aqua. For information, the Toyota Aqua 2022 or 2023 Toyota Prius C, is the smallest hybrid car in the New Toyota Prius 2023 family.

Toyota Aqua 2022

The All New Toyota Aqua 2022 is now equipped with a 100 volt / 1,500 watt electrical outlet and an emergency power supply mode that allows the car to become a power source in an emergency. The new 2022 Toyota Aqua unit is now supported by NiH2 batteries which are claimed to provide greater electric current. Additional information about the 2022 Toyota Aqua hybrid of this latest generation. It’s a completely different model with a different battery usage as well from the first-generation New Aqua 2022.

Toyota Aqua 2022
Toyota Aqua 2022

New Toyota Aqua 2022 Engine

On the other hand, Toyota said that the 2022 Toyota Aqua Concept is the first vehicle in the world to use a high-output nickel-hydrogen bipolar battery as an electric drive battery. Compared to nickel-hydrogen batteries, it now responds better, and gets smoother acceleration from low speeds.

The 2022 Aqua is also the first Toyota car to feature the Comfort Pedal. This feature works if the driver selects Power+ Mode, when the gas pedal is loosened it will produce regenerative braking force, and slow down the car smoothly. The latest generation 2022 Toyota Aqua Redesign is also equipped with a choice of the E-Four all-wheel drive system.

Under the hood, the 2022 Toyota Aqua Model is equipped with a 1.5 liter engine and is mated to an optimized HEV system. On paper, Toyota claims that the All New Aqua consumes 35.8 km/liter of fuel. Then for the hybrid drive engine, the Toyota Aqua 2022 is equipped with a normal aspiration three-cylinder engine with a capacity of 1,490 cc which is coded M15A-FXE.

2022 Aqua Hybrid Model
2022 Aqua Hybrid Model

2022 Toyota Aqua Redesign Features

As a car that is intended as a daily vehicle, the All New Aqua 2022 is equipped with standard safety and security functions with the latest edition of Toyota Safety Sense such as pre-collision safety, Full Speed ​​Range Radar Cruise Control, Lane Tracing Assist (LTA), and Plus Support Control to avoid sudden acceleration error when stepping on the gas pedal.

For the first time in this compact car, the New Toyota Aqua 2022 is equipped with various features such as the Toyota Teammate Advanced Park and Parking Support Brake. With the above features, the all-new Aqua provides driver support in various scenarios, including while driving and parking.

New Toyota Aqua 2022
New Toyota Aqua 2022

2022 Aqua Hybrid Model Dimension

The All New Toyota Aqua 2022 stands on the TNGA platform (GA-B) in the same compact body as before, but the wheelbase of the Aqua has been extended to 50 mm. Thanks to this update, more space is created especially for passengers sitting in the back seat, and luggage.

2022 Toyota Aqua Price Release

Toyota targets 2023 Toyota Aqua Rumors will be offered to the Japanese market selling 9,800 units per month. Meanwhile, the price for the Toyota Aqua FWD model starts at 1,980,000 yen, while the 2022 Toyota Aqua E-Four is priced at a starting range of 2,178,000 yen.

The compact design does not have a lot of firm lines now, so the second generation carries the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) GA-B platform.

Basically, this hybrid car is siblings with the Toyota Yaris 2023, but with a wheelbase size of 50 mm longer. Since its launch, Display as Toyota’s in-house tuner has been interested in making an elegant version of the 2023 Toyota Aqua, the latest generation.

No half-hearted, the New Toyota Aqua 2022 is immediately presented with 2 different body kits. The display under the Toyota Customizing & Development division, labels the first Aeroset body kit package, which mainly contains aerodynamic body parts. Our other body pack, labeled Cool Shine Kit, is more aesthetically pleasing with a variety of chrome decorations.

Consumers can choose three different rim models, one measuring 15 inches and the other two being 16 inches. The interior improvements include faux wood accent inserts, sill plates, ambient LED light, even tote bags, and more. For the price range it depends on the accessories you choose, but the range starts from 4,400 – 143,000 Yen.

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